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Courtney Doyle Ministries Masquerade of Motherhood

Meet the Woman Behind the Ministry

Hey Ya’ll, I’m Courtney, a mom to 6 children and 9 fur babies. We are a full house! 


I live in the great state of Texas, and as you know, “everything is bigger in Texas.” I am so glad you are here! 


You read that right, I have 6 kids. Which I am sure is prompting you to think “How do you do that?” Girl, let me tell you… A whole lot of Jesus, coffee, and a great husband who keeps me semi-sane.

Is that a thing? “Semi-Sane,” In my world it is. 


Did you notice when I introduced myself, I didn’t say…Hey, I’m Courtney I love Jesus, coffee, the color black, cheese enchiladas and all the romantic comedies ever made? I write as a hobby, read to escape, have a quick temper, sing like Carrie Underwood in my car and can crack a joke at any given moment. 

I said, Hey, I’m a MOM! 


It is who I am and what I do. From the very youthful age of 18, (insert gasp) I have been a Mom. By the age of 29, my husband and I had 5 children, and I secretly knew number 6 would be on his way one day. 


For over half of my life this is how I have identified “WHO” I am.

Maybe even longer, you should have seen my Barbie collection. “Hi, I’m Courtney, I’m a Mom.” 

It’s what we do when we meet people the first time, we tell them WHO we are, and WHAT we do. I rarely answer with, I have a degree in radiology, a real estate license and have been on a board of trustees for 7 years overseeing a 1-billion-dollar budget. But I do say, “I am a Mom.”  


There is nothing I love more.


For years I allowed my identity to be defined by the successes and failures of my children. Leaving me teetering on a tight rope between the dangerous pits of pride and defeat.  


It wasn’t until I stopped focusing on WHO I am and started focusing on WHOSE I am that I was able to find my balance in motherhood. 


Is it all perfect, no way! It’s equal parts glorious and messy.  No two kids are alike, and I still haven’t found the instruction manual for any of them. 

My prayer for this space is for you to know, you are not alone! Together we will learn to trust God, find balance, claim our true identity, cheer on the mountain top and find peace in the valleys. 

Welcome to Courtney Doyle Ministries!
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