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“5 Steps on How to Pray”

How often are we asking others to pray for us, solely because we don’t believe we have the ability to pray for ourselves? Growing up, my mother had a sweet housekeeper that appeared to have a direct line to God. Hivanna could pray down the house. Though my mother was raised in Catholic school, taught by nuns no less, it always intrigued me that when she needed prayer about something, Hivanna was the one she called. Now, did my momma pray, sure. But she saw something in Hivannas life that gave her confidence that God would for sure be listening to her.

What was it?

Here is a 5 step process that I believe made all the difference in Hivannas prayer life, which in turn, changed my life and others around her.

  1. Hivanna prayed without ceasing. When she walked the halls of our home, there was a quiet hum beneath her breath. She was always talking to God.

  2. Hivanna journaled. I remember her opening her bible in her little apartment and noticing all the notes that had been taken in the margin. She kept a record of what she was learning and what was happening in her life.

  3. Hivanna was not ashamed. Hivanna made no excuses, and openly professed her love for the Lord and made sure everyone around her knew what a good, good Father he is.

  4. Hivanna didn’t waiver. Life was not easy for her. She lived in what some would consider the “projects,” she had lost her husband and was a single mother with one child having a disability. She wasn’t angry at God that life didn’t look like she may have wanted, she praised Him for the life she had.

  5. Hivanna was bold. She was not afraid to ask God for anything. She knew in the depths of her soul that He only had her best interest in mind, so she was bold in asking Him for the desires of her heart.

If only we could all be a little more like Hivanna. I encourage you to take this 5 step approach to increasing your communication with God. Attached are this weeks downloadable prayer cards to give you a starting point on what to pray and how to pray.

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