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“At the end of your rope?”

Do you ever feel like you’re at the end of your rope? Me too! I’m not writing this in hopes that others will coddle me, or feel bad for me. This is for you, momma who is also “at the end of their rope” to know you are not alone!

As if a worldwide pandemic, a divisive election, and an arctic blast blowing through Texas were not enough, let’s add everyday life on top of that. A child lost in addiction, young adults trying to find their way, friends suffering, covid striking, ministry building, parents aging, and laundry overflowing. The list goes on and on, and I bet your list is equally as long and overwhelming. Sometimes it all feels like too much and I want to throw that rope I am hanging onto in the depths of the sea, wave my white flag, and scream, Lord, 


I am NOT strong enough, calm enough, or faithful enough.

Why does the “end of your rope” feel so lonely? Let me tell you, it’s because we are flooded with images, and updates of how “perfect” everyone’s lives are. Living in a fake reality that everyone else’s kids are perfect, yours are not. Everyone else has it all together, you do not. You, my friend, bought a one-way ticket on the “hot mess express” and the passengers are broken, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

It pains me when people assume I have it all together. Don’t let the makeup and fixed hair fool you. It’s possible I am the conductor of the Hot Mess express! Don’t let what you see on the outside or on asocial media feed be the reason you think you aren’t strong enough, good enough, or faithful enough to handle all that life throws your way. Sweet friend, at the end of your rope, you are not alone! We all have troubles and most days we are hanging on for dear life.

Here’s the deal…There is another end to that rope, which is held by a hand much stronger than ours. The hand of God.

If you see strength in me, it’s God.

If you see endurance in me, it’s God.

If you assume based on outward appearance I have it all together… It’s God.

I don’t want you to think for one second, I am capable of anything without GOD. He is my strength, my peace, my endurance. Though I may be hanging on the end, He is pulling me close to him and whispering, “I make no mistakes, be strong, I am here, I’ve got you.” 

I am sitting in my Mom’s hospital room feeling pretty defeated yet “be strong, I will not leave you” is playing over and over like a broken record in my mind, which gives me comfort. I also write for comfort, often it’s my therapy for my heart. But this morning as I sat back on the little, not so comfortable couch, the Chaplain came over the intercom and shared the daily devotion. Low and behold, Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

The minute I heard the Chaplain, I knew this was a post that needed to be shared. I knew that God was speaking directly to me and he is speaking to you. On the days I feel “at the end of my rope” this is a reminder that God is holding on tight and He won’t let go! So, pick up your chin, dust off your “not enough” attitude and face whatever life will throw your way knowing,  at the end of your rope, is HOPE! 

Until next time,



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Words are my late night brain dump. They record stories, experiences, and life. What I never imagined, was this "therapy" as I like to call it, was not only for me, but for you as well. Enjoy!

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