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Lessons from my walk today !

I am fully aware that 75% of the world eats, sleeps and breathes exercise. It’s not something I love AT ALL! But I occasionally think it is a good idea to at least try. When asked this morning to go walking with some friends, though the couch and snuggle time with the baby sounded more appealing, I decided “why not!” Your 40 now!! Everyone says it gets worse. Get up, get out, it’s a beautiful day and the baby will have fun. Sadly an emergency kept my friends from coming but I had already explained to Hamilton how much fun we were headed out for and he was dressed and ready to roll. I can’t disappoint him so off we go. Here is what I learned on this blessed morning.

Lessons from my walk:

1. Bringing the baby is a great idea, you can randomly stop to catch your breath pretending to point out all the ducks and dragonflies. As seasoned walkers/runners/bike riders all zoom past you.

2. Someone made that lake much larger than I remember the last time I walked around it which I think was 3 years ago when I thought that would be a good idea like today.

3. Bringing said baby is helpful because of the ability to lean on the stroller in a desperate attempt to not fall over.

4. There are rest zones because the stroller and amazing wildlife didn’t provide enough of a break and at that point I could contemplate what neighbor to call for a ride home !

5. My tennis shoes, legs, arms, butt and mind are all inadequate for such exercise.

6. Seeing a few old friends who frequent that dreadful lake was nice, but I would rather invite them to Starbucks! We can get skinny lattes…

6. There is no boat rental on the opposite side to get you back across quicker. Maybe I should invest in This and start a business, I could potentially get rich on idiots like me!

7. Hitchhiking from the major roads I walked along is probably illegal and that would make Katy news.

8. Attempting a light jog, because surely you aren’t this out of shape is NOT a good idea. 6 kids=weak bladder! Stick to walking.

9. The markers are liars!!!

They should say this:

1. So far your not dying

2. This is a little much but it’s a pretty day and you don’t suck that bad!

3. Yes you suck that bad but how the heck will you get home? Keep walking!

4. Phone a friend! Phone 911! Just phone someone, people are watching!

5. Half way!!!

6. Yes everyone else is in spandex!

7. Do you have a will?

8. She has passed you 3 times loser!

9. Crawling draws a crowd

10. Get out of the stroller it’s illegal to make the baby push you!!!

And finally,

10. There should be separate lakes for ladies like this! Note very small Infant in stroller! Thank you to the neighbor who unknowingly made me feel even better about myself as I was sucking wind.


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