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Size does matter!

As I promised in my profile, I am letting you into our lives with as much honesty as one can bare. As I thought of what I wanted to share as my first post the same topic keeps coming up for me and I am certain it will interest you as well…

Size DOES Matter!

Right now at this stage of my life size is pretty much all that comes to mind each day. From the size of the pile of laundry on the kitchen table to the size of the number of emails I can’t answer. Size is really all that matters to me these days. Ok before we go amy further Some of you need to get your head out of the gutter, I have a five week old, really?!

This 5 week old makes baby number 6 for my husband and I.

With that said the size of my pants and bra are as equally astounding these days as the laundry, emails, errands, extracurriculars, and the number of hours we are NOT sleeping. If you are man reading this I will catch up with you in a bit when you get over the shock that this topic is not what you envisioned, join us again when you are over it. BUT If you are a woman whether you are a mother or not you are probably shaking your head right now as I express my utter frustration with size. As I get dressed each morning I grab the maternity pants I have worn for nine months only to realize that they in fact still fit. With utter despair I choose to try on my pre pregnancy pants. What am I thinking??

This is equivalent to when I cleaned out my closet and found the jeans I wore in high school and still thought I could wear them one day when… only to be reminded as they stop at my thighs that things change with age! Sigh…. Soon I give myself the same pep talk I have done in the past, it’s only been 5 weeks, I HAVE lost some weight, when I go to my 6 week check up is when the exercise can start and look out I will be so small people won’t recognize me. As this delusion resolves itself and the actual thought of the time and energy it would take to work out comes to mind I just come to the resolve that I need to go shopping for a different size!

I live in Texas, which in case you haven’t heard has been in the triple digits for months now! Every store I walk into is full of precious, luxurious long sleeve tops and every shade of the rainbow skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, straight leg jeans, relaxed fit jeans and on and on. Could someone please let all of these stores know that here in Texas we still need shorts, capris and sleeveless shirts to survive the heat? The fabulous leather jacket at the store is a heat stroke in the making for those of us who live in the south. Aimlessly searching for something to fit not only on my rear but also my temperature gage I come across a black pair of capris, surely I am a size 1* (not being that honest) but just in case I will bring the size 1* knowing they will fall off as soon as I get them to my waist. Again, despair because the smaller of those two sizes was NOT what fit. On the bright side, now I do have one pair of pants that actually button and zip. So my end result was size DOES matter.

The size manufacturers place on clothes, if you allow it, can completely identify you no matter your life circumstances. The only way to stop that from consuming you is to take a step back, evaluate why you are in that size and refocus yourself on what really matters. Irregardless of my size, I would not trade that baby for any size in the world.

Now to tackle the size of the laundry and extracurriculars I have a few tips that work!!! When doing laundry for children, they can and need to help from the youngest to the oldest. When my kids where really small I had tiny little laundry baskets for their clothes labeled with each of their names. I have pictured it below and you will be shocked at how much laundry actually fits in those things. As they grew and their clothes became bigger I purchased larger crates, but still not too big. I found the size of the basket absolutely made a difference and still does. If I send clothes upstairs in a standard laundry basket everyone in the house, including my husband, will live out of those large baskets rather than emptying them. The smaller ones are easy to empty because they fit just the right amount of clothes for a kids and husbands attention span. They are also small enough that the little ones can handle them. Tackling the extracurriculars!!

Though I am a technology junkie, the good old fashioned paper calendar will work wonders for your life. Whether it is one on the refrigerator, one you carry or a desktop one at work. Get you a pack of multicolored pens or highlighters and get to color coding each persons activities. My children have each had their own color since birth. I will share other things I color code in another blog one day. This is a life saver in so many areas! The visual and organized look of the calendar will give you clarity and will also allow others to take a quick glance at what the week or month has in store.

So in wrap up, Size DOES matter!

Share with me in the comment section what “Size” matters the most to you and tips on how you handle it. Keep it clean!!!!

Larger ones for big kids and husbands

Small basket for little ones.


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Words are my late night brain dump. They record stories, experiences, and life. What I never imagined, was this "therapy" as I like to call it, was not only for me, but for you as well. Enjoy!

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