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The Masquerade of Motherhood

by Courtney Doyle

Through experiences both comical and trying, Courtney encourages Mothers to live authentic, honest lives. Journey with her as she unmasks the expectations of motherhood and leans into God’s design not only for us personally but for our children.

Exploring mothers throughout the Bible and the trials they faced and overcame, this book will provide the groundwork to release the pressure that mothers place on themselves to “have it all together.” You are not alone! Come alongside Courtney as she encourages you to press into the Lord, trusting Him with your life and your most prized possession.. 

Do you feel like Eve...missing out on something? 

Are you Sarah... taking matters into your own hands? 

What about Rizpah... are you sitting vigil over a child
or situation, praying for a breakthrough?

"Unmask the expectations of Motherhood and lean in to God's design..."

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